Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Wii Updated - USB Keyboard Support

Today I awoke to an shining message waiting light on the Wii.

There is an update (3.1) that allows you to use a USB Keyboard!

More details on it once I've tried it out.

it works for mail. that looks like that is it. The internet channel does not appear to use the USB keyboard.

Even newer update:
I guess that limited keyboard support was available with an update that happened in august. I'm reading that this update allows the keyboard to work in the internet channel, but I didn't see it when I tried this morning. I will need to check it out when I get home tonight.

Even more newer update:
there are updated version of the "everybody votes" channel, and the internet channel. These new versions support the keyboard. The internet channel is now pretty damn usable for most surfing applications, and it only took a little less than 11 months after launch.

So now the short list for things the Wii should still have:
1. Support for USB external Hard Disks (so you can do the following)
2. MP3 player channel
3. DIVX/Video File/DVD player
4. Downloadable Game Demos

And again, it probably should have had all those things at launch... But even with its flaws, I still love the Wii.

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