Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon 7.10 almost here

There are only 2 days until the new version of Ubutnu (7.10 AKA gutsy gibbon) rolls out.

And even with their lame-assed naming scheme, I'm still as excited as a little girl.

While the apple hype machine gets rolling, those 'in-the-know' are all jazzed about the great new features that will be in this version.

Here is a brief list:

Gnome 2.20 - with all the latest bells and whistles.
Desktop 3D effects (AKA Compiz Fusion) for all that eye candy nobody really needs.
Desktop Search (sort of like google desktop or spotlight).
Fast user switching.
Firefox with new plug in finder.
Dynamic screen configuration, AND
Graphical configuration tool for X. These should be great for anyone with a secondary external display or projector.
Fully Automatic printer installation, NTFS writing on by default, power consumtion optimization, hard disk encryption, and oh so much more...

Oh yeah, did I mention, this stuff still costs ZERO dollars?

Ubuntu rocks.

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