Friday, October 19, 2007

Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon upgrade = SUXORS?

I attempted to upgrade my feisty install to gutsy gibbon yesterday.

Wow - that did not go well. I used the alternate install CD to do the upgrade. The install apparently went just fine, but after reboot, X would not load. I have messed around with the Feisty install a lot, so I just said screw it - I'm wiping this out. (I have good backups, so no bid deal)

So I wiped out some partitions, and reloaded 7.10 from scratch. It works. Except that I am getting hit by a graphics driver bug when using the restricted NVidia drivers. BOO.

I'm also having a horrible time trying to get anything pulled from the repos - but that is probably just because they are getting killed with people trying to download stuff right now.

I'm not too excited about these issues so far. Of course, upgrading the day of release is always a risk, so I'm not going to start bitching about the OS just yet.

Oh yeah, since I monkeyed around with the partitions, by vista partition won't boot. So I've fixed that by running the vista setup dvd and telling it to repair. I was worried that it would screw up the grub loader - by replacing the MBR but it did not.

so here is the to-do list:

fix the nvidia / compiz issues - FIXED! I ended up following instructions found here to install and use
xserver-xgl and the system now appears to be running well. A lot of folks complain about video under xserver-xgl, but it is working fine for me.

get my apps loaded - pretty much done - just had to load the medibuntu repos to get all my codecs (such as
libdvdcss2 for DVD playback)

get my home directory restored - pretty much done.

I'm now happy with the system!

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James D. Bausch said...

Compiz - well - maybe fixed. I have had a few more system hangs. I'll need to keep an eye on it.