Thursday, August 02, 2012

Top 5 Podcasts 2012

I guess it is about that time of year where I do my top 5 podcast list.

as always I have to discount the EXCELLENT Sci-Guys Podcast  ( because I'm on it.  But of course you should check it out if you like Sci-Fi, comics, games, and other cool stuff.

First, a few thoughts.  After doing this for a few years now, I've realized that my podcast tastes change all the time.  In past lists, my preferred podcasts were delivering heavy stories and dropping knowledge.  I still like those podcasts (The Moth, RadioLab, for example)  But I'm finding myself looking for more humour nowadays.  I think this list reflects that.

So, enough blah blah.  Here we go, my top 5 podcasts for 2012:

 #5  Jordan, Jesse, Go!
Dick jokes don't come with any more of a positive attitude than in this podcast.  Hosts Jesse Thorn and Jordan Morris have any easygoing conversational report that stems from them working together for over a decade.  They usually bring a solid guest along for the ride, often a comedian, so there are plenty of chuckles here.

#4  Judge John Hodgman
Also found on Jesse Thorn's MaximumFun network of podcasts, John Hodgman's dispute resolution show creeps up one slot from last year.  There is nothing wrong with having a good shtick, and delivering it in nice bite sized chunks every week.

#3 Security Now!
A weekly discussion of computer security topics.  Same as last year, I'm still torn on including this.  I listen every week, and while I enjoy it, I do it almost as a "work task".  I don't think this would be great listen for everyone, except that the info it delivers is so damn important.

#2 Planet Money
Still delivering easy to understand insight on money, economics and finance, last year's number one slips just a bit, but only due to the strong competition from number one:

#1  Comedy Bang! Bang!
I'm so late to the party on this, I'm embarrassed to list it.  While I've known about this show for a long time, I've never checked it out until this year.  I think in my mind I lumped it in with Marc Maron's WTF, which put me off.  Not that WTF isn't a good show, but I don't love it the way most normal people do.

When I heard that Comedy Bang! Bang! was getting a TV show on IFC, I figured I needed to check it out.  DAMN.  Funny, Funny, Funny.  Scott Aukerman is a great host, and the show is consistently hilarious.  A must listen.  The IFC show is good too, but the Podcast is the real star.

There you go.  My top 5 podcasts of 2012.  Now go check out the Sci-Guys Podcast

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