Saturday, March 31, 2012

Ubuntu 3D Acceleration With Intel 3000 HD Graphics 3D Acceleration

NOTE:  I've only tested on one hardware config - so I can't say it will work for all Intel 3000 setups

We have several Dell Latitude e6520/e5420 laptops, which are really great machines.  They have one issue though, out of the box, the integrated Intel 3000 HD graphics controller will not run Ubuntu with 3D acceleration.  This is a problem as it causes "Gnome Shell" to fail over to classic mode.

Turns out these systems employ "nVidia Optimus" which is a technology that allows windows to switch between nVidia or integrated intel graphics.  However this functionality does not work with Ubuntu out of the box.

If you want to enjoy the 3D capabilities (and the Gnome 3 goodness) in ubuntu jump into the BIOS setup  (F2 on Dell) and then go to the video settings, and DISABLE "Optimus".

Once disabled, you can boot right in to "Gnome Shell" and get the full-on Gnome 3 experience.

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