Thursday, August 11, 2011

Top 5 Podcasts - Revisited

Last year I wrote a piece on my "Top 5 Podcasts". That list is OK, but outdated. My scope has expanded. My podcast listening habits have changed.

So, I've decided to update the list. As with my last list, I'm ethically bound to disqualify my podcast (sci-guys) even though it is better than all these put together! (And again, that is sarcasm just in case I was unclear)

5: Judge John Hodgman PC from the Mac/PC Apple commercials is John Hodgman. Unfortunately that is how most people know him. He should be most known for his amazing books, or his great podcast, where he resolves disputes with his swift but sure comedic hand of justice.

4: Kevin Pollak's Chat Show Suck it Charlie Rose. Kevin Pollak, best known as a comedian and actor, owns your shtick. Pollak is funny at times, but the star of the show is his interviewing - where he will at turns deliver insightful questions and observations, and not be afraid to show his appreciation of the guest and their work. It's long, most shows go over 2 hours, but worth it.

3: Security Now! I'm torn on this one. Part of me says that non-technical people should ignore this hard-core podcast about computer/internet security. And part of me thinks that those are the people who need it the most. The good news is that, technical or not, Steve Gibson delivers security information in a way that almost anyone can understand. I consider this podcast part of my "work" research each week. But would listen even if I didn't have an IT job.

2: My Brother, My Brother and Me The Brothers McElroy deliver a weekly advice show for the modern era. If you don't get a few laughs out of this, I think you must be dead inside.

1: Planet Money Last time I did the list this came in at number 2, with a disclaimer that it might not be for everyone. If I had a time machine I would send a terminator back in time to prevent me from saying that. Twice a week Planet Money delivers fascinating stories about how economics, finance, and policy impact our world - And they do it in a way that everyone can understand. A true "must listen" for both personal enlightenment and straight-up entertainment value.

There you go. The top five podcasts available today. Now go subscribe to the Sci-Guys podcast.

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