Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Find Remote Windows Serial Number

I both love and hate remote support.

Back in the day we had to send techs out for most computer issues, which SUCKED for obvious reasons.

Remote control/access has made that largely a thing of the past.

But some for some things, you still just need to be there. Power issues, non-booting machines, etc. still are damn near impossible to handle remotely. If you don't know the serial of a machine, and don't have it in inventory, it can similarly suck.

Luckily, in windows we can usually pull the serial by issuing the following in a command prompt:

"wmic bios get serialnumber"

(no quotes)

Similarly, you can get the model number by entering:

"wmic csproduct get name"

This can really save the day, or a least a car trip or difficult phone call with a user.

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