Friday, October 31, 2008

Ubuntu 8.10 Ibex PPTP Non Functional

This is just crap. PPTP vpns do not function correctly under Ibex.

I have not been disillusioned by Ubuntu yet, until now. This worked fine before. To go from something that worked fine, to something that is included with OS but is broken? WTF. LAME.

I will continue to watch and update if I can get it working, or a decent fix is found.


using this patched network-manager-pptp_0.7~~svn20081015t024626-0ubuntu2~nm2_i386.deb
, and by NOT saving the password for the VPN, I've got the vpn working. hopefully this will become part of the official repos soon.


Anonymous said...

I've worked around this by changing my hosts file on ubuntu to point to another machine which is vpn'd and running port forwarding...but yours is a much better solution! Thank for posting.

James D. Bausch said...

Always happy to help out.

Anonymous said...

See this thread on the Ubuntu forums. It fixed everything right up for me.

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

"I have not been disillusioned by Ubuntu yet"

Neither am I, but this is getting close. None of these suggestions fixed my problem. update that breaks things. What a nasty surprise.