Thursday, October 09, 2008

Microsoft Live Search "Search Perks!" - Free Stuff

In a genius / deperate move, Microsoft has announced "Search Perks!"

A program the rewards you for using their live search with "tickets" that can be redemed for points after the program ends on april 15.

You can earn up to 25 tickets a day, one for each search performed. They start you off with 500 bonus tickets.

By my count, I can just get enough to get Gears Of War, if I get the 25 tickets each day until the deadline. There also many other more attainable prizes.

It is going to require some work, as I would need to use Internet Explorer, which would be impossible on my home Linux box. You also have to load some software, which I don't love the idea of. But I am in front of the computer pretty much all day, So I think I may be able to get something for free.

We shall see how it goes.

My intial impressions are that their search sucks. When doing a search for almost anything, the top link is rarely the home of the actual site you are looking for. I'll follow up with other impressions.


Anonymous said...

It would be nice if they could get the counter to work for me. It had been working but stopped and they have no idea why. I was on my way to a new controller.

James D. Bausch said...

I'm not sure how the counter works. I have multiple computers, and also multiple live accounts. So I've played around with using search under different circumstances, and I think the counter only counts up on that one instance. I don't know if it is even tied to the actual number of searches you have accumulated...