Thursday, November 15, 2007

Locked In - FIOS

As I mentioned before I recently got a door hanger indicating that there was going to be some work done in my neighborhood to improve verizon services. Well, about a week ago the city came by and spray painted marks indicating where existing cables were in the street. On Tuesday they started digging.

I asked one of the workers if this was for fiber optics, and they confirmed. They also suggested I call their office to learn more about schedules, etc. Obviously I did, but they were only so helpful - the are not verizon, but a subcontractor. BUT they did give me the number of a verizon employee who was great.

Rob was the verizon employee's name. he indicated that it should be about 2 months from the start of digging until the service is available for me to install. He also told me how that is good timing for me, as they will roll out their TV package around that time as well. I should add that Rob was excellent, he answered everyone of my (I'm sure) stupid questions, and had a great attitude.

So if the schedules I have been given are close to accurate, the time from door hanger to service looks to be about 3 months.

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