Wednesday, October 31, 2007

FIOS up in here?

I was working from home yesterday, and I saw a guy with a clipboard walking by the front of the house. Of course I assumed he was canvassing for some political cause. So I braced myself for a knock at the door, followed by me either A: hiding in the bathroom and ignoring the person, or B: explaining that my 'no soliciting' sign should cover political discourse as well.

But the knock never came.

I promptly forgot the near-annoyance, and got back to work (Lamar, you ARE the father! - you go
Maury) Later in the day, I went to check the mail, and found this hung on my door:

Could this mean that I was actually getting
FIOS? I've been waiting for 2 years since they announced that Verizon was rolling Fiber to the Premises in Washington County...
Today I called Verizon to find out what it really is. There is no mention of Verizon's FIOS service on here, so it could be anything. Of course I have heard that such a door hanger is what they put on right before installation.

The FIOS sales office was not able to confirm or deny anything. They routed me to the Oregon office. Similarly, they could not tell me what was being done. But they did indicate that if I see anyone working, I can ask them to find out if this is just routine maintenance/upgrades, or if Fiber is going in. That is my current plan. I will update here as more info becomes available.

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