Monday, June 11, 2007

Compare IE, Firefox, and Safari

As soon as I posted my last entry on the beta release of Safari for Windows, I decided to do a quick visual comparison. Here are Firefox, IE, and Safari viewing my blog (produced in Windows Vista - because I'm at work)

Firefox 2.0.04:

Internet Explorer 7:
Safari 3 (beta):

Remember to look at the full size version for best comparison.

What I noticed immediately is that the text in Safari just looks more fuzzy. it could be due to my Clear Type Tuner settings, but from where I'm sitting Safari is doing a little too much trying to make text easy on the eye.

You will also notice that Safari doesn't stick any information at the bottom of the window. That is not a cut off image, that is the edge of Safari. it is a little unusual in Windows to not even have a little bit of window frame, but I guess that is how they roll.

I hope nobody is going to complain about the quality of these images, they are just quick and dirty - not meant for a pixel by pixel comparison. In case anyone cares, I just used ALT+PrtScn and pasted them into mspaint to save. I didn't make any adjustments. There are some distortions on some of the images, but that just happened, it was not intentional.

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