Saturday, May 05, 2007

lolcats - Maybe I'm dumb

One thing that normally drives me crazy is all the bloggers, farkers, and every other internet cellar dweller who LOVES THEM SOME (insert weekly message board fad here)

I'm looking at you Rick Romero quoting guy. You too Chuck Norris roundhouse kick mentioning moron...

Retreading the same tired 'in joke' doesn't make you cool or funny. Esoteric humor does not work if the 'inside crowd' is the whole internet.

But for some reason I love lolcats. And I can not quite figure out why. Maybe I'm dumb, I mean they're just some stupid pictures of a cat, with a stupid caption. Don't get me wrong - a LOT of them are stupid, and just not funny. But I seriously can not figure out why I find a good number of them so hilarious. And its surprising to me that I still find a pretty decent amount of new ones to be funny, since they've been around for a while - Maybe its the comic book lover buried deep inside of me, I don't know. But right now I think lolcats are on the edge - they are getting close to being played out.

So I want to thank fazed for this little gem: LOL Trek. Basically a retelling of a classic star trek episode using a narrative of lolcat type images. Here is one frame:

Honestly I'm torn; I think this is funny, but I can't decide if this is the start of something great, or terrible. It could go either way. I have a feeling that we will be seeing more like this - not Trek, but other movies/tv shows. The question is, will it 'stick' and if it does, how long will the humor last? When it goes south, I hope we get to see some other good ones before it is in UR intertubes maken U sick

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