Friday, April 27, 2007

D-Link DI-624M

Let me start by saying that I LIKE D-Link products (in general). I have several of their DWL-7100AP in place at the office as WAPs using PEAP. And they are VERY solid.

So when I saw a sale/rebate offer from CompUSA on D-Link's DI-624M SuperG router, I was jazzed. You see, I have a Netgear WGR-614v3 at home, and it has been hanging up every few days, requiring power cycle to clear. So needless to say, I figured I was due for a replacement, and twenty bones PLUS what I thought would be D-Link's solid equipment EQUALS Jim purchasing it.

So I picked one up ($59 bucks pre-rebates) and got cranking on it. Rather than actually try to write it out in an interesting fashion, I'll simply enumerate what went down:

Plug in unit - run through wizard.
upon reboot - it never comes back (solid yellow status light).
pull power - wait standard slow 10 count - replug.
it does not come back - start to worry.
pull power for 5 minutes - it comes back.
figure it might need new firmware - upgrade to newest firmware - reboot.
it does not come back. do the 5 minute wait again. it comes back.
Firware load has wiped settings. Reload - uh-oh it needs a reboot again - it does not come back.
do the 5 minute cool-down-dance. It comes back.

The unit now functions as an wired router, and it only took me 45 minutes - fantastic.

OK, now lets setup the wireless.

NO WPA-PSK setup will allow any devices to connect to the unit. I have literally dozens of different computers/PDAs/Wiis at my disposal, and I could not get ANY of them to connect with WPA-PSK.


This unit is a turd - return it. get replacement.

this one did not give me any of the problems with the reboots. HOWEVER I still had the exact same WPA-PSK issues. OK I'm done.

thank goodness CompUSA has a nice return policy. Although I didn't really appreciate the highschooler/sales associate trying to educate me on how these devices work. Regardless, I returned the second one.

I picked up a WGR-614v7 for 40 bucks (no rebates) and all is well now.

During the first DI-624M I put in a support request on the D-Link site. Their response was quick, but boiler-plate - meaning it did not answer my questions, but gave me the stock answers they give to grandmothers who can't configure their new inter-watcha-callit.

I'm just wondering if this is a known issue with this product, or If I just had bad luck...

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