Saturday, September 05, 2009

Update Your Wordpress Blog

If you have a wordpress powered website (like the KICK-ASS you need to be sure that you are keeping it up to date.

There is a worm running around doing all sorts of nasty things to un-patched wordpress installations. Keeping your stuff up-to-date is part of the responsibilities of everyone who runs a web site (not to mention anyone who runs a computer on the internet - but that is a different discussion)

Matt Mullenweg (wordpress founder) wrote a nice piece on the need to update, which is shockingly enough written in plain old english. That itself is a refreshing change. Compare his notice to this recent one from Microsoft. Now, the audiences for these two items are not the same, but one sure is clearer than the other.

Regardless, the current version (2.8.4) of Wordpress is not vulnerable to this worm, and upgrading is a snap. Get hot, and go update now.

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