Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Vista Searches

The one thing that Vista does really well is searching.

Now I'm sure some people would say that the Mac has great searching with spotlight - and it is very true.

But vista does a great job searching with specific criteria, even in un-indexed locations, like network drives.

It also has a nice save search function - which, when combined with the Windows Desktop Search: Advanced Query Reference, can be extremely useful.

For example. Let's say that I have a SQL Server that refuses to delete it's old backups the way it should. Let's also pretend that I don't want to have them removed automatically by some other process.

So I could browse to the folder that I want to find the old files, and do a search in vista using the cute little search bar:
Then when the results come back, I can right click in the results area, and choose save search.

I can call it what ever I want, and save it wherever I want - my desktop, my documents - anywhere. Then when I want to perform the search, I can
simply launch that saved search, and viola! I have my results, nice and up to date.

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