Thursday, June 21, 2007


Unless you live under a rock, you have probably already heard about StarCraft II. Which was recently announced by Blizzard. Of course, this got me nostalgic for the original, which of course gave me a good excuse to see if I could get it working on my Ubuntu with wine.

So, here were the steps:

Insert original windows StarCraft CD.

Open terminal type, winefile, and then browse to CD, and run setup.exe
look at that - the setup screen - SHOCKING! then complete setup, choosing your favorite location to install.

Now, under the applications menu, wine, programs, StarCraft, and "it just works"!
Well, not in a window, I just ran it in a window for this screen shot - it works in full screen normally.
Uhhh, and "it just works" except for the sound, which sort of stutters.

But I was able to fix that by launching the wine configuration utility (terminal: winecfg):

Then changing the audio settings direct sound hardware acceleration from full, to emulation.
Now it runs just fantastically. GO WINE!

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